Hotel Amenities

In-Suite Amenities

All of our suites come with the following in-suite amenities:

Fiji Water

“Since its inception in 1996, FIJI Water has been committed to doing business responsibly and seeking opportunities to make a difference. That means investing in sustainability, the environment and local communities, while focusing on meaningful issues with like-minded partners to enable positive change.”

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“Modern Luxury with a Green Conscience Known to nourish the body with rich antioxidants & nutrients, the collection’s key ingredient – organic papaya – gives these products a warm, luscious appeal. PAYA Organics Amenities provide guests the ultimate experience in luxurious personal care in a contemporary and green way.”

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Bathroom Amenities

All suites have a private in-suite bathroom with the following amenities:

Kitchenette/Kitchen Amenities

All suites with a kitchenette or kitchen are fully equipped with the following amenities:

Puro Fairtrade Coffee

“Leaving the right footprint with every step taken on the path to good coffee. Fairtrade values, love for the natural world, carbon balanced, roasting coffee with energy borrowed from the sun, organic coffee waste delivered back into the earth and packaging re-born to live once more. We are Puro.”

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